eGroups SZN 2020.1: January 12 – April 12

eGroups are the life of our Church. Being a part of a life-giving community is all about Connecting People and Growing Faith. In every SZN, there will be multiple Group Types (Single, Married, Interests, Study) with locations all over Sacramento.

The E2 Church 2019 calendar year is broken into 3 Seasons. Each Season consists of 4 months. eGroups exists within the Seasons at E2, so every 4 months, new opportunities to launch or conclude groups are made available.


Middle School and High School students participate in everything adults do at E2 Church. Learn how eStudents can build community with one another through student eGroups.

Hosts Resources

Hosting a group is an incredible opportunity to facilitate quality connection and real community with other individuals just like you at E2. You can host at your house, at a coffee shop or even in the park!

 To become an eGroup Host, register for E101 and our Team will reach out to you within the week!

This week, use Pastor Jared’s notes to ask questions on each “key” to use in taking control of our thoughts. Center the conversation on how each key can be implemented in our lives.